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Coaches help you create the future of your dreams.  You partner with someone who is all in and will help you to develop winning strategies and action plans that will yield results. Coaching is not therapy, consullting, or mentoring.  

You will achieve more in an accelarated time when you invest in a life coach.  You will do the work and produce the life of your dreams. 

20 Minute Discovery Call

Click here to schedule a Discovery Call online using a virtual conferencing platform. You can connect with Coach Angela from your desktop or mobile device. It's time you have someone intentionally focus on you? Find out if you are a good fit and find out more about how coaching can benefit you (Start by clicking 'Set Time Zone')

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1 on 1 Successful Life Coaching Sessions

Coaching clients who are currently enrolled in our Life Coaching Series please click here to schedule your next prearranged success life coaching session. We will continue to develop winning strategies for your wonderful life. 

We can address all 12 areas of your life:

Experiences you want to have                   Love, Friendship, Adventure, and Environment

Growth you want to have                        Health, Intellect, Skills, and Spiritual

Contributions you want to make            Career, Family, Creative, and Community

(Remember to start by clicking 'Set Time Zone' unless you have earned a coupon)

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Mentoring Session

Click here to schedule your mentorship. Mentoring is my passion. My mentees live all over the world and are primarily military officers and Soldiers who I have the privilege of sharing some of the lessons I learned during my 26 years on active duty. Use this link to schedule your pre-arranged session. This service is pro-bono (Free).

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Don't let anymore time slip through your fingers!

Inaction may be the biggest form of action. Use this opportnity to easily create the awesome life you keep praying about. You can partner with your life coach to create winning strategies.


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