Ready to get ahead in your career but don't know how to create a plan?

The Leadership Makeover is a 6 week online group coaching program that helps women develop a solid action plan to progress in their career and thrive in their social environments.

I'm Ready to LEAD with Confidence and Power

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If you tired of being dismissed, undervalued, and frustrated then you are in the right place.

Are you good at the daily grind, yet are challenged with seeing a bigger vision for your career and your life?

Do you desire to walk in your purpose and make a bigger impact in your career and within your social environment?

Are you ready to uncover your talents and grow your leadership skills confidently so that you can make decisions that positively impact your revenue and quality of life?

Have you been longing to discuss your personal career goals with some smart, like-minded, hard-working, women who get you and the journey you’re on?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you are invited to join personal development coach and leadership mentor Angela M. Odom in this One Day Leadership Themed Workshop 

The Learn How to Lead 1-Day Workshop teaches

Leadership Strategies

Learn to challenge the prevailing view without provoking outrage or cynicism; Act on the big and small pictures at the same time, and Change course if the chosen path turns out to be incorrect; and they lead with inquiry as well as advocacy, and with engagement as well as command, operating all the while from a deeply held humility and respect for others.

Management Techniques

Understand that employee productivity starts with good management.  Learn how and when to acknowledge employees' good work so that they tend to feel more of an emotional commitment to their job, which results directly in increased effort (i.e., better productivity and improvement to your bottom line)

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in. Workers in the digital age must know how to effectively convey and receive messages in person as well as via phone, email, and social media.

During This One Day Workshop

You'll focus on your 3 greatest investments; (1) Mindset (2) Skill set and (3) Network



Develop the Mindset of an Effective Leader



Determine how to get what you actually desire



Remove clutter and any distractions that stops you from progressing



Discover what motivates you to complete your tasks



Attract healthy connections that matter



At the end of this Learn How to Lead Workshop you’ll have a road-map to achieve your most pressing goal.

“Not finding what you need in our premade sections? Use Custom Content to create your own layout. You can add text, images, videos, call to actions, and custom code in this section.”
— Carol Coleman

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Specifically, this course is based around the 4 core strategies for long-term leadership success. Starting with

Your Foundation Strategy

This is all about assessing your current skills, what you REALLY want to achieve, and how you best serve with the right leadership style. During this phase of SOAR, we focus on strategies to lead you!

This is all about how to identify who you will serve, what they REALLY want, and how to best serve them with the right type of membership site.
You’ll discover…
The four reasons someone joins any membership site. The REAL reason someone joins a membership is very different than what you’d expect. And when you know this, you can position yourself, your community and what you offer to really stand out. It will give you a HUGE strategic advantage.
The two must-have pieces of research you need to know about your market in order to position your membership as an “I need this” resource vs “maybe I’ll give it a try”. I’ll show you exactly how to find this information and how to use it. Knowing this, members will be MUCH more likely to stay longer – which is what you want because that’s what will give you the opportunity to really serve them and make a lot more money.
The six membership models and how to pick the one that’s right for you. Not every membership model is right for every market. That’s why I’ll walk you through selecting the one that will be the best fit for your market and the type of business you currently have.
The “less stress” membership philosophy. Everything in the Foundation Strategy is intentionally designed around two core beliefs that I have about membership sites – maximize profitability while minimizing stress. There are a lot of things you can do with a membership site. But one of the most important discoveries I had was if your membership site becomes overwhelming for YOU or your clients, it’s going to struggle. I’ll show you how to make it low stress, profitable and fun.
Next, we’ll dive into your Content Strategy.

Next we'll dive into your

Your Content Strategy
This is about you crafting content that is easy to deliver and compels people to buy.
I’ll show you exactly how to structure your content so that your members rave about the progress they’re making with the things that they’re learning from you.
That’s why I’ll share…
The “Success Path™”… which, regardless of your market, will provide your audience tremendous clarity and momentum (and that’s one of the reasons they won’t ever want to leave). I’ll walk you through creating your own path.
How to create a year’s worth of content in less than a week. This is NOT about you being stuck on any content treadmill. This is about you designing a content strategy that incorporates massive amounts of leverage, to free up time (while providing a TON of value).
The two types of must have content every membership needs. Most “hobby sites” only have one… and that’s a BIG reason why they fail long-term.
Why LOTS of content is actually the kiss of death for long-term success. If you’re thinking that you just throw a bunch of content into a members area and call it a day, you’re wrong. That won’t work. More content does NOT mean more value – it’s actually the kiss of death. I’ll share how much to provide, when to deliver it and in what format.
The #1 reason people cancel… and how to structure your content to avoid high cancellations. Because did you know that the timing of when you deliver your content can and will dramatically impact how long people will stay? Same content, different timing. It makes all the difference.
The more strategic you are with your content, the more freedom you’ll create for yourself and the more value you’ll bring to your audience.
Once we’ve designed your content strategy, then we shift gears to focus on your marketing strategy.
Your Marketing Strategy
This is your strategy for attracting new paying members.
When it comes to marketing, there are a million things you can do. I’m going to cut through the clutter and share with you the few things that we do over and over again to add thousands of new members with every promotion.
And in this module we zoom out and look at higher level marketing strategy first.
So we’ll talk about...
Open vs. Closed marketing plans. I’ve tried both and they each work. However, one will bring 3X the results with a fraction of the effort. I’ll share multiple case studies on why there is only one option if you want year-over-year increases.
The 7 pricing strategies… and specifically the NEW trends that highlight which ones will have the highest ROI in your market.
How to position your membership as a “must have” resource vs. “nice to have”.
The marketing sequence that leads to the greatest momentum and highest engagement… regardless of the size of your audience.
The 3 promotion types and the “rules of engagement” for when each should be deployed.
“Momentum stacking” and the secret behind maintaining excitement and anticipation in between launches.
But it doesn’t stop there, because then it’s about shifting gears and getting into the nuts of bolts of rolling out these marketing initiatives.

And that leads us to the next module…
Your Marketing Tactics
In this module we get into the “how to” specifics of executing HIGHLY effective marketing campaigns.
You’ll discover:
The tactical step-by-step for growing an audience from scratch… FAST – even if you’re on a tight budget. And if you have the resources to spend on ads, you’ll see how to accelerate your growth in record time.
The subtle pre-launch commitment campaign that generates massive momentum prior to any launch… and virtually guarantees your opening week is a HUGE success.
The simple 3-part launch process and the timing of each part that broadens your reach and boosts your conversions.
Evergreen campaigns, wait list promotions and other tactical blueprints that consistently bring you a steady stream of new members month after month.
The lightening quick launch that requires no videos, no sales page and no webinar… and yet was responsible for adding over 1200 members in less than a week (at $50/month) for one of our TRIBErs!
Practical, “here’s what to say” templates for each piece of the marketing promotion. No more “writer’s block” for you.
Just be warned, many of the strategies in this module will be counter intuitive to what most people teach. But you and I don’t want “normal” results. We want a site that grows year after year – and that’s exactly what will happen for you when you implement the lessons from this module.
Then, once you have new members joining, you’ll need to keep them happy and paying month after month. That’s what I’ll show you next.
Your Retention Strategy
This is your plan for keeping people happy and paying month after month.
If you don’t have a plan for this, you’re in trouble.
If you aren’t intentional about designing a retention strategy, you will lose a lot of people each month – and therefore a lot of money. This is THE most valuable module if you want to maximize your revenue with memberships and subscriptions.
To be clear, you will lose members every month no matter what market you’re in. But what I’ll outline for you is a proven plan for minimizing drop off. In fact, my clients and I experience some of the highest retention rates I’m aware of when it comes to information based memberships.
If you’ve ever heard that members normally only stay for 3-4 months, then you know that person does not have a solid retention plan. My clients see members staying for YEARS, not months.
So I’ll walk you through…
The real reasons people stay (there are only 4 of them)… and how knowing this will shape the way you position your content, your marketing and ultimately your retention plan.
One minor tweak that instantly tripled the lifetime customer value of a well known magazine… and how to use the same technique in your membership.
How a subtle shift in the way content was delivered reduced the “drop off rate” by 40% of a well known subscription service. It’s so easy to apply and will almost instantly boost your lifetime value.
Why the first 45 days are critical to your success… and the 7 actions you want every member taking to ensure their happiness.
Membership guidelines and rules that impact people’s perception of your community
Gamification and the role it plays in increasing your overall engagement (as well as how to implement it in a super simple way).
Launch pricing and how to use it to increase commitment from your memberswhile also increasing the perceived value of everything that you’re doing.
This module is so jammed packed that it could be it’s own separate course. But as you’ll see, I’ve broken it down into bite sized chunks that you’ll be able to pick and choose the strategies that make sense for your site.
And as your membership grows and your members are happy, you’re going to need to get clear on how you will scale the business. Which leads us to the final module…
Your Growth Strategy
This module is about how to scale and grow with ease and minimal stress
My philosophy is that as the more the business grows, the less you should be involved.
But that means you need to think through…
The 4 growth stages of your membership… and why too many site owners rush the third stage which causes their sales plateau.
The critical numbers you need to know in order to really scale the membership to high 7 and 8-figure businesses.
The roles you should be looking to hire for and the timing for when you should hire them (because contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t necessarily hire them right away).
Tasks that can be quickly automated.
Effective strategies for attracting highly engaged volunteers who will eagerly help you manage your community.
My goal with every client is to create a recurring revenue stream that frees you up to do what you do best. I want the same thing for you – and that’s what we’ll discuss in this module.

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SOAR is a six module training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to launch, grow and scale a high 6, 7 and even 8-figure membership site. The course is taught by Angela M. Odom who has over 27 years experience working with tens of thousands of membership site owners. This knowledge has been distilled down into the key modules inside of the SOAR Course that will make all the difference for you and your business.

TRIBE is only open once a year so we are better able to serve our students. We only spend a small amount of time marketing TRIBE so we can focus all our energy and attention serving our TRIBE students rather than marketing the course. It also enables all of our TRIBE students to be on the same page when going through the material. This allows everyone to partake in the community with no confusion of students being ahead in the course.

This is the only membership site course that is based on years of best practises from over 60,000+ membership sites and online communities. This isn't based off a one-time success. It's the accumulation of strategies, from hundreds of different markets, all distilled down into a blueprint for recurring success. You don't have to experiment to hopefully find something that works. Just follow the blueprint. It's been proven to work over and over again. And don't forget, I've been doing this myself having experience running both high 6-figure and 7-figure membership sites. And, every single month I am personally coaching and consulting other high level entrepreneurs, bestselling authors and well known influencers on how to launch their high profit, low stress membership sites. AND…. Because we OBSESS ABOUT YOUR RESULTS. Over the last year, we've been consulting with high performance experts, coaches and consultants to find out what are those subtle differences that turn those who "want to succeed" into super high achievers who actually get results. We found what we believe to be the needle movers. And we've added to the "experience" of TRIBE again and, we're SUPER confident that this will produce even more results than ever before. Because TRIBE for us this is SO MUCH MORE than just "teaching content". THIS IS ABOUT YOUR RESULTS.

The content is released on the predetermined schedule that lasts 8 weeks. The reason for this is very similar to a college class. We have literally hundreds and hundreds of people coming into this course. If we gave people the ability to jump around, can you imagine the challenge it would be to support people? There is no way we would be able to efficiently support everyone who would be asking different questions on different modules. It would create more confusion and chaos. So we're intentional in how the content is released and it's to create a world-class experience.

SOAR is a six module training program that is released over 8 weeks time. The modules are released one week at a time so you have time to go through the material and then discuss with Angela and your fellow SOAR community. This allows the modules to really sink in. There are 2 implementation weeks where you will have time to put into practice what you've learned up to that point in the course. Expect to set aside 2 hours a week to go through the module and its respective lessons.

The good news is, the technology options available today make this a LOT easier. In fact, inside TRIBE we have a special training dedicated to walking your through all the options you have to set up a membership site. At the end of this special training you'll know exactly what platform is best for you, your skill level, your budget, and your market. So no matter what option is right for you and the type of site you want to create, you'll be fully supported.

You will be supported by our team of TRIBE Progress Coaches before the course "officially" starts as well as during the actual course itself (specifically throughout our implementation weeks). As soon as you register you'll receive an email to book your "Focus Forward" group coaching experience. And this is where all our performance research comes into play… Because during these calls our coaches will be walking you through a trademarked process designed to support you in making more progress than ever before. It's about helping you bust through those blocks that can keep you from moving forward and helping you generate MASSIVE momentum. And momentum creates confidence. And your confidence will carry you forward, enabling you to overcome any challenge you may face and you'll therefore experience FAR GREATER RESULTS. AND… After years of coaching and consulting on a high level, I know it's very natural to have questions. That's why we've gone to great lengths to support your through the whole Experience. You'll also get: - Support from me on a daily basis through live 10 in 10s. - Support from me during live office hours every week as the course modules are released. - Help from our amazing TRIBE communitybecause we wholeheartedly believe we are #BetterTogether. This is about helping you build massive momentum… and I'm not going to let any questions stop you from getting results. So as you go through the TRIBE material, questions will pop up. But we've put all the tools, resources and people in place to help you get the clarity you need for applying everything you (or your team) are learning.

We will be raising the prices next year... so this will be the last year to get in at the $1997 price. Our Payment plan is as follows $797 USD Today then 2 payments of $797 USD

TRIBE Registration Period CLOSES MAY 9 11:59PM PST There is a specific reason the registration period for TRIBE is only available for a short period of time. I like spending more of my time serving my audience vs. promoting to my audience. So like a college or university, enrolment is only open for a short period of time. Then we shift gears to focus our energy on teaching, supporting and helping you create a thriving membership site. That's why it's important you know that the registration period ends at 11:59pm PST on May 9th. You must register before this time. There will be no exceptions.

If you are unhappy with the TRIBE course during the first 2 weeks, I want to give you your money back. We believe in TRIBE and our success depends on your success. We want you to become our next success story

You will always have access to your version of TRIBE. Occasionally we will release a new version of TRIBE with the latest membership trends. When this happens you will receive a significant discount to the updated version of the course materials, you'll have the option of staying with your current version or upgrading. However, if there are minor updates, we'll just upgrade everyone accordingly. Legally you cannot say "lifetime" as it is too vague and who's life time is it? Your life time or Stu's? :D

Our bonuses are available as the related module is released. We specifically built TRIBE this way so you have all the supporting information you need to get the most out of these bonuses. For example, INSTANT AUDIENCE is available after the Marketing Module, and the GAMIFICATION SUPER GUIDE is released after the Retention Module. All the bonuses build on everything you've learned in the module. (And they are AMAZING btw!)

It is difficult to say one way or another without knowing more about your particular situation. However, here's how you can identify if the idea will work: Does the market have an ongoing need? If so, that is a good indicator. Is the market trying to master a skill? An example would be a someone learning to play a new instrument or learning how to paint. Can you make something that they do on a regular basis more convenient? These are typically signs that your target audience is interested in a membership site. We dive deep on these indicators inside of the TRIBE Course and help you figure what your audience really wants.

If you don't have an online business yet but have an idea, expertise, or passion about a particular topic you're on the right track. Not having an audience or having a small audience isn't the problem that it once used to be. So many in TRIBE have launched with small lists. For example: Jonathan Milligan had a small list of 621 subscribers and he did a "beta launch". His goal was 50 members at $20/month (resulting in $1,000/month in recurring revenue). He accomplished that goal in 48 hours and his site now has over 350+ members. Another example is Nicholas Wilton who just launched a membership site for his small audience of artists (200 people). His promotion went to a list of 200. 180 of those people signed up at $30/month. That's an immediate $5,400/month! Will that happen for everyone with a list of 200? No. But it does demonstrate that it can be done. The key is that you develop a deep relationship with your audience. Then when you do offer something, they respond. So should you focus on list/audience building before starting a membership? The reality is, everyone needs to focus on list building regardless of your list size. Sure it will be a little slower if you don't have an existing audience. But that's ok.

Have more questions? No problem we've got options :) You can contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer anything we may have missed.

The S.O.A.R. success system is a proven framework to obtain what you want. 

Promotion (Cherrie / Monique)


They both undervalued themselves(bla bla bla Angie.....write what they wanted and what they achieved through the S.O.A.R. framework and over what about of time




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