The 21 Day Financial Fast Book Discussion (Virtual)


Over 21 days of videos from the author and 21 days of encouragement and insights provided by the mindset coach

A supportive private community on Facebook to share your insights, wins, and aha moments

A helpful book discussion guide chopped with templates and information that may prove invaluable as you progress through each day of the financial fast. Get your complimentary guide HERE

The book is NOT included. You must purchase it.Β 

What People Are Saying:

“THANKS!!! Even at 60 you can learn something new and continue growing in a positive manner. Behavior modification at its best!!!! After 21 days of doing something it should become a habit!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ”


“Let me first say Thank You to our Mindset Coach Angela Odom, for adding me and allowing me to take part in this 21 Day Financial Fast. I believe this Fast has saved me in so many ways as I look at spending and relationships differently. I was able to contribute and share my stories of spending, saving and just life in general. I don't have experiences just to talk about them, but when I have experiences I try to share them. In my mind they serve as a teaching or reference point for what to do and what not to do. (Some people get this about me quickly they understand; others they come late to the party, but anywho). It's not that I was doing bad in either but this Fast has showed me that I could be doing a whole lot better with my spending using Cash versus Debit ( pray for me), Contentment, Self Entitlement, Kids Savings and so on. All the Chapters have resonated with me in some way or the other. I know I've been changed. Anyway, I wish you all success on your financial journey. I look to do this again at the start of the new fiscal. I will/have share(d) this experience with others, the 21 Day Financial Fast and will provide a testimony in the [email protected]


“Day 21, Financial Freedom Let me First start out by saying Thank You Lord for placing me on Angela's heart to invite me to this Fast. I was once told, when 'you' say you KNOW something, but are not applying or practicing it...YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW. Well, here I am standing in Thanksgiving & Praise for this Amazing 21 Day it's application time. Pledge ~ I will commit to finishing decluttering by 31 Jul or the first Wednesday in August (trash day). *I will write out my 30-day daily spending journal on the 1st, not tomorrow. *I will add this Fast to my yearly read, along side the Purpose Driven Life. *I will start a Church group fast as soon as I get permission, Angela we'll discuss further after I do my due diligence as you recommended. *Lastly, I will Lead my adult children and other close friends through this Financial Fast. Again, thank you Angela Odom for Leading us in a Godly manner concerning our Finances. Peace and Blessings to you and your entire family. #FinancialFastDay21”


“Thank you for being such a gracious host/moderator. Thank you for allowing me to attend this amazing platform. It has helped me change my thought process, as it pertains to finances, and other things. This has truly been a blessing to me and others in my life. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and I prayer the Lord's best for each and every one of you. To God be all the glory!πŸ™Œ”


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