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Virtual Power Hour

The Virtual Power Hour with Angela is a simple concept. We'll link up on the online platform Zoom for ONE Powerful Hour at 6 am  for 6 consecutive days for a work session; where we will focus on completing ONE Individual Task At Time — Consider Angela the nonjudgmental, supportive, accountability partner you've always wanted.  

We're operating within the United States Eastern Standard Time.


It's less than $17.00 per day; You'll only pay $97.00 using your: 

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • PayPal

It's time for you to invest in your mindset, skillset, and network. 

How much will it cost in time, energy, money, and peace of mind if you don't do it?

It's totally up to you and the project or task you're working towards.

Angela recommends you choose ONE item/task/project and work on it until it is finished, then move to the next item on your, "To Do" List.

A lot of people think that the best way to finish their project is through multitasking. Well if you haven’t heard, we actually cannot multitask.

When we focus on one thing for an hour, completely uninterrupted, we may end up accomplishing more than if we had spread our focus out over several hours. This is the power of the power hour.

We're operating within the United States Eastern Standard Time.

This is a virtual experience. We each use our computer, digital device, or phone to check in at 6 am Eastern Standard Time and and to check out at 7 am Eastern Standard Time.

We'll link up on the online platform Zoom for ONE Powerful Hour at 6 am  for 6 consecutive days — Consider Angela the nonjudgmental supportive, accountability partner you've always wanted.  

Ideally, you will show for six consecutive days. If you miss a day, simply show up the next day (as long as we're still in the six day cycle)

Log into the zoom session as early as 10 minutes prior to the 6 am start time. Angela will begin our check-in session promptly at 6 am.  

We're operating within the United States Eastern Standard Time.

The Virtual Power Hour With Angela operates in the United States Eastern Standard Time. We'll check-in promptly at 6 am est, focus our individual tasks at our various locations, then check-out at 7 am est. 

It may prove helpful to use a timezone converter. Click HERE

time zone is a region of the globe that observes a uniform standard time for legalcommercial, and social purposes. Time zones tend to follow the boundaries of countries and their subdivisions instead of strictly following longitude, because it is convenient for areas in close commercial or other communication to keep the same time.


Early mornings help you focus more on things that will inspire & motivate you by getting a part of the tedious work out of the way. Moreover, the quiet hours of the morning allow you to work on personal projects without any interruption.

Waking up insanely early in hopes of being productive is misguided since the quantity of time in our mornings is far less important than the quality of that time.

In order to do high-quality work we need to create morning rituals and routines that make it easy to get to work and stay there for whatever amount of time we have—and for most of us, an Hour of High-QualityFocused, Uninterrupted Work is a great place to start.

We're operating within the United States Eastern Standard Time.

You can finally complete some of the things on your "To Do" list.

Examples are:

Write that book you keep talking about

Complete your SBA Women's Owned Business Certification

Declutter your home office, pantry, garage, etc.

Create a budget

Work out / Exercise

Meditate/ Pray

Create Your Online Course

Clean out your email

Whatever you choose 

Anyone who wants to finally complete some tasks. 

This can include women, men, parents, occupational therapists, nursery/playgroup staff, primary and secondary teachers, classroom assistants, community learning & development and social care professionals, social workers, sociologists, psychologists, leisure & physical activity professionals, employment advisors, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, librarians and third sector professionals of all backgrounds, amongst many others.

Zoom Video Communications is a remote conferencing services company headquartered in San Jose, California. It provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.


Yes, you need the app. Anyone can join a meeting using the Zoom mobile apps or desktop applications for Windows and Mac.

Zoom account isn't required to attend a meeting. Users do need a Zoom account to host a meeting.

Once you pay, you will receive an email with the zoom link to join the Virtual Power Hour with Angela

No. A webcam is not required.

You have the option of appearing on the screen.

If you choose to appear on camera, you will need a  webcam.

You are not required to have a webcam to join a Zoom group video call. 

You will not be able to transmit your video. 

You will continue to be able to listen to video calling and view any screen sharing.

If you've paid for the Virtual Power Hour With Angela and did not receive an email with the zoom details,

1.Ensure you check the same email account you entered when you signed up for the Virtual Get Our Work Done Together
Power Hour With Angela

2. Check your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folders in your email

3. Send an email to Team Angela at [email protected]

We don't provide refunds for the Virtual Power Hour. The point of this offer is to encourage you to show up to invest in yourself. 
If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Angela at [email protected]

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