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Learn Who Leaders ARE and What Leaders Do, Say and Know

Get Your Mind Right To Lead

Uncover Your Talents and Open Your Mind to Lead Effectively

S.O.A.R to Success

Process Through the 6 Step Success Framework to Get What You Want

Are You Over Feeling Like This? 

  • No boundaries, people step all over you because you never know when to say no
  • You're not comfortable speaking up in meetings
  • Your finances are downright depressing you're dodging people you've borrowed money from and you are fighting a mountain of debt
  • You start projects and never finish them completely
  • You're tired, lethargic, and anxious because you take on everybody's issues, you don't get enough rest, and you're eating junk because you prioritize everybody's goals, dreams, and desires over yours

Are You Ready To Feel Like This? 

  • You get to the point where NO is a complete sentence and you feel good about it
  • You contribute your ideas with confidence and professionalism
  • You're on top of your finances, know exactly what's coming in and what's going out. Better yet, you have a plan to pay down your debt
  • You have space in your life to finish what you start
  • You have white space on your calendar, you're no longer overbooked and you've formed relationships that enable you to thrive, encouraged you to identify and go after the desires of your heart

Be The Hero of Your Personal Leadership Story

Stop Undervaluing Yourself!

At 'The Better U Project, LLC', a leadership training company, we coach women who want to be in positions of authority, power, and influence to STOP UNDERVALUING THEMSELVES, to identify what they want, who or what is standing in their way of getting IT (even if they are the ones standing in the way) and to develop their personal leadership skills so that they show up with confidence in their workspace and within their social environments, get promoted, and progress in their careers.

"Thank you mindset coach for giving me the tools and the inspiration to get healthy"

Denise B.
High School Teacher

"Thanks!!! Even at 60 you can learn something new and continue growing in a positive manner. "

Vaseal M.
Business Owner

"This challenge has been a real eye opener for me......excellent program!"

Gina R.
Claims Agent
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