Join Angela at the She Leads 365 Women In Leadership Experience on Friday, February 28, 2020
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We help women progress in their careers and thrive in their social environments

Most Women Undervalue Themselves. Angela created the S.O.A.R. success system to help women get what they want.

This proven system helps women show up with confidence in their workspace and within their social environments.

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Be The Hero of Your Personal Leadership Story

Stop undervaluing yourself!

At 'The Better U Project, LLC', a leadership training company, we coach women who want to be in positions of authority, power, and influence to STOP UNDERVALUING THEMSELVES, to  identify what they want, who or what is standing in their way of getting IT (even if they are the ones standing in the way) and to develop their personal leadership skills so that they show up with confidence in their workspace and within their social environments, get promoted, and progress in their careers.

Discover Your Leadership Style!

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I Want to Know

Types of Training


Need a dynamite speaker for your next event? Coach Angela is just what you need!

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Ready to prioritize yourself? Coach Angela is just what you need for 1 to 1 and Group Coaching! 

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Wanting a solid, motivational read! Coach Angela's books are just what you need!

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Need to make some life changes?  Coach Angela's courses are just what you need!

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We offer convenient learning formats

Effective training should break down your barriers, not create more


Engaging face-to-face training from experienced members of the The Better U Project, LLC team

Live Online

Engage in self-paced, group-paced, and on-line real time meetings anyplace you are connected virtually

Customized Training

Tailored solutions helps teams and organizations achieve performance results

How It Works

Hi, I'm Angela

I'm in the midst of creating a life I've yearned to live for years. I served honorably in the greatest Army on the planet for 26 plus years. The Army was good to me and good for me.

I'm loving the direction my life has taken.  I'm rooting for you and hope our paths cross soon! 

Perhaps we'll become GOALS FRIENDS in the near future.

I'm rooting for you,


Founder & CEO, The Better U Project, LLC

Learn More About Angela
Register for Learn How to Lead 1-Day Workshop
Space at this event is limited, so be sure to sign up soon and reserve your spot! 
TIME: 9:00AM – 3:00PM
LOCATION: Ellis Hotel, Atlanta, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

It's a 1-day in-person personal leadership skills training event for emerging women leaders to discover how to leverage SMART goals to SOAR.

You'll end the day with a personal leader development action plan (even if you're not in a leadership position)  

Registration includes: 

  • Workshops (Three) 2 in the morning and one after lunch
  • Group Coaching with Angela 
  • Printed Event Workbook
  • Gourmet Catered Lunch in our private dining room
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