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Camouflaged Sisters, Volume 3 (Leadership Edition)

The journey to becoming an effective leader can be full of stumbling blocks and learning curves. But for women, particularly those pursuing a career in male-dominated settings, learning to lead can be a tumultuous road. Camouflaged Sisters: Leadership Through the Eyes of Senior Military Women Leaders examines the grit, perseverance, and determination it takes to rise through military ranks as a woman in uniform.

In this anthology, twelve trailblazing women leaders recount tales of the adversity they faced to gain the trust of their Troops, earn the respect of their peers, and make promotion. Their stories offer candid advice to women leaders learning to navigate a system that is not always supportive of their success. The leadership toolkit offered in these pages provides readers a vital resource for achieving a successful military career. Young women leaders will find this anthology invaluable to their leadership journey.

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#Camouflaged Sisters: Leadership Through the Eyes of Senior Military Women Leaders examines the grit, perseverance, and determination it takes to rise through military ranks as a woman in uniform.

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Bestseller in the Making


A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion

Angela M. Odom was given a huge challenge and opportunity in late 2006: to lead a battalion of well-trained soldiers in a vast, complicated mission in Iraq.
She had less than sixty days before she and her battle-tested soldiers would have to deploy, leaving everything behind,including children, for the theater of war. Odom herself left a sixteen-month-old son.
This emotional firsthand account of the day-to-day life of a soldier in Iraq is told not only from the view of a commanding officer, but also from that of the brave men and women who served under her command. 
She captures every aspect of military service in vivid and heartrending detail: the fear, the lingering sadness, and the bittersweet joy of homecoming. 
Discover life through the eyes of servicemen and women in active war zones as they defend our freedoms from tyranny and terror.

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"Having a minimum knowledge of the inner workings of military life, I found Bronco Strong: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion to be an excellent introduction and an easy read. With introspective detail, Col. (Ret.) Angela M. Odom describes the historic last deployment of the 15th Personnel Services Battalion which she commanded and loved. The story is intimate as Col. Odom describes uncompromisingly her successes and failures as she moves up through the ranks. The story is suspenseful as you read about the 15th PSB being impacted directly by the horror of war. The story is humbling as you experience the firsthand accounts of the brave soldiers who served and the angsts they all shared by being separated from family. Thank you Col. (Ret.) Angela M. Odom and the 15th Personnel Services Battalion for your service!"

Uncompromising story of leadership, accountability and faith!

"At a time when America could sure use some REAL heroes, voluntary warriors, steadfast guardians of our freedom- Colonel (Ret) Angela Odom saves the day! Bronco Strong humbly presents our communities, parents, sisters, brothers, neighbors and friends who fate turns into war heroes. This brilliant, honest, raw account will march the 15th PSB soldiers into America’s Heart for years to come. A must read for anyone considering military service, students, basic trainees and even more for relatives of veterans. This is an awesome look at life as it is “down range”. Soldiers are often a reflection of their leadership- so thank you for your proven dedication, sacrifice and service Col (Ret) Odom and the late CSM (Ret) Livengood. Spoiler…Read the stories after the story, how the soldiers thrived after enduring such a traumatic experience!"

This book will resonate in the hearts of many for years to come. Thank you Col (Ret) Odom for sharing these powerful lives.
Lorie F.

"Well written narrative of a strong leader, who faced exceptional challenges and always put her Soldiers and her mission first. COL Odom dispels the common myth that only combat arms Soldiers face danger in a war zone. Once I began reading this book, it was difficult to put down. The scope of her unit's mission and the strength of her team, in the face of deaths and severe injuries among their own, are remarkable. As a retired Army officer and former brigade commander, this is a military leadership book I highly recommend."

This is a military leadership book I highly recommend.
C. G. Wells

"The first hand accounts of life on the ground in a combat theater are compelling. Bronco Strong gives insight into everything from leadership during crisis to personal sacrifices of military members and families. I applaud Colonel (retired) Odom for telling these stories that deserve to be told. I am moved by this book."

Amazing Read!
Dee Dee

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