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Helping high performing women develop strategies to win at life. I am willing to share my military experiences as well as my unique life experiences to help you grow your business to the next level and to help you grow personally and professionally. I want you to WIN!

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  • For Life’s Transitions…The Helping Hand of a Professional Coach!
  • Academic Coaching/Student Success : Are you a student in search of greater clarity surrounding a college major that will lead to a career path? Are you an adult looking to return to college to complete an undergraduate degree or pursue graduate study?
  • Career Coaching : Have you morphed or settled into a job that just doesn’t seem to fit? Are you looking for more depth/meaning in your work? Do you have a development plan to obtain the credentials and reach the positions that you desire for your career?
  • Life Coaching : Are you existing rather than thriving? Have you become too complacent? Are you approaching the day with optimism and gratitude? Are you living your values; are you living an authentic life?
  • People Coaching : Progressive businesses/institutions of all types are recognizing the value of coaching. They're offering professional coaching as a holistic benefit to the people in their organization.

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Sharing real life experiences in Iraq in my debut book, "BRONCO STRONG: A Memoir of the last deployed Personnel Services Battalion." 

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We want to share the story of true American Heroes

About Angela 

Highly decorated retired senior Army officer transformed into a life coach, author, and personal and professional trainer. She teaches people how to manage their lives so that they stand in their truth and excel.  She wants you to win.

Life Coach

Isn't It Time You Have Someone Intentionally Focused on You?  We will address all 12 areas of your life

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Health, Intellect, Skills, and Spiritual
Contributions you want to make
Career, Family, Creative, and 

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BRONCO STRONG: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion

In this stirring memoir, the battalion commander shares her first hand account of the significant contributions made by the  brave men and women assigned to her unit. 

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Share the story of real American heroes

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When we are seeking personal growth and professional development we can definitely figure it out on own on. Sometimes to level up we have to reach out to someone who is willing to partner with us on our journey to transform our thoughts, beliefs, and actions!