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6 Things Learned From 6 People in 2019

"The capacity to learn is a GIFT; The ability to learn is a SKILL; The willingness to learn is a CHOICE" ~ Brian Herbert

I'm excited to share my six biggest lessons from 2019.  My first blog post with this title was in 2016, the year after I retired from the greatest Army on the planet. I've hit and missed my target of publishing each year. 

2019 was an extraordinary year for me. It was as if the veil was finally lifted. I learned that I can do any freaking thing I want. However, I can not do every freaking thing I want. I must prioritize and then Boom! I must focus my superpowers and get it done.

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I'm Rooting For You! 


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Oprah Winfrey

Lesson Learned:  Have your own dreams.

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Michelle Obama

Lesson Learned:  Adjusting your life's course is the right course

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Lorie Fanning

Lesson Learned: Discern whether people are your confidant, constituent or comrade.

I am on a mission. Select me as a speaker. I will give 100% effort, customizing my presentation for your organization’s specific needs. My intent is serve as your guide as I facilitate, meet and exceed the goals for your event.

- ANGELA M. ODOM, Lead Strategist and CEO, The Better U Project, LLC

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Dr. Joe Dispenza

Lesson Learned:    The best way to predict your future is to create it.

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Nancy Pelosi

Lesson Learned:    You can't intimidate a focused person.

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Ryan M. Odom

Lesson Learned: Trust the process

2020 is Starting With a Bang! 

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