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Angela M. Odom

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4 Reasons You Should Stop Saving Folks


If you're always the person who comes through for your family, your friends, and your co-workers, you need to listen to the live recording of today's episode of the Better U Leadership Podcast. The host, Angela M. Odom will share four reasons you should stop saving folks.

Sometimes we neglect to see how amazing people are just as they are......they're doing just fine without our help. 

 Four Reasons You Should Stop Saving Folks

 1. You're hindering their progress and growth.

2. You're most likely spending time trying to fix or control someone else because you don't want to deal with your own mess. 

3. Everyone is on their own journey. 

4. We’ve all gotten in a fight with someone because we think we know better what they’re supposed to do and they refuse.

So we push more and more. And the more we push our opinion upon them, the more we push them away. The more they move away, the more we try to push, after all, we’re right(not so much). 

Sounds familiar?

Although you have good intentions, things get heated. 

Remember that there is a difference between motivating and inspiring versus saving people. No one can save another person — only they can save themselves. To overcome the need to fix people, you need to start by fixing that need within yourself.

We are seeking progress not perfection. 

Try this instead:

1. Shut your big ole mouth.....stop injecting your opinion. Its not the only way; its simply a way.

2. Listen more than you talk.  You may be surprised how many insights you gain, tools and techniques you learn about when you listen to others as they describe a problematic situation. Sometimes they only want you to listen and not solve the problem.

3. Show up for yourself first (mind your business) then serve others from the overflow. 

I'd ask you to consider your boundaries, communication skills, conflict resolution methods, self awareness, and mindset. 


Much Love and Much Respect,



Angela M. Odom is a life and leadership coach, founder of The Better U Project brand, podcast host, proud Army veteran and the author of BRONCO STRONG: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion  and Golom's Magical Gamers as well as a contributing author to the book, "Camouflaged Sisters: Leadership Through The Eyes of Senior Military Women Leaders". 

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