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Angela M. Odom

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The 6 things I learned from 6 people in 2017

2018 winning or learning Nov 10, 2018

I keep learning and growing with the help of amazing people who cross my path. I love the fact that I retired from the greatest Army on the planet because now I find that I am becoming more of myself. 

Review the articles of the six people I learned from in 2015 and 2016

I remain unapologetic about my thoughts on learning and winning. I do not believe we lose, I believe we simply learn from our experiences.  In the year 2017, I learned a lot about myself and others. 

Lynn Horton


Lynn reinforced what I had already known; people are more alike than different. We met in the dental clinic waiting room and talked as if we had known one other for years.  As a result of meeting Lynn, I was invited to serve as the Memorial Day Speaker for the City of Senoia, GA.  I'm grateful to have met such a wonderful person. 

Rachel Maddow

American television host and political commentator. Most nights I watch The Rachel Maddow Show to get caught up on the political news of the day. She is a superstar when it comes to connecting the dots. Because of her show I along with the world learned about the poisionous water in Flint, Michigan. She simply stayed on the story when no one else would. 


Thomas Walters


Thomas and I served as co-chairs for a community based Teen Voter Education Forum. He reinforced the value of relationships.  The free event was a rousing success because of the relationships Thomas has formed over the years coupled with my communication and organizational skills.  

Vaseal Montgomery


Vaseal is THE TRUTH.  She is my very first mentor. I learn so many things by watching her from afar. This past year I learned how to keep my business affairs in order and how to take small steps when taking on big scary dreams. 

John Lewis


John Lewis is a living legend.  I learned that he is as humble as he is great. 

Ryan M. Odom


My little guy is keeping me on my toes.  I'm learning to move out of my comfort zone and do things I have absolutely zero interest in.  He helps keep me focused on being present when I am with him. I intentionally put my phone down and in an effort to engage with him. 





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