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Angela M. Odom

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The 6 things I learned from 6 people in 2018

We're either winning or learning. There simply isn't any failing. You mess up or fall short of your goal, you learn from the experience and you WIN! It's just that simple.  

This is my annual "Winning and Learning" article. Each year since 2015 I document the six people I learned something from over the past 12 months. You can read the 2015, 2016, and 2017 articles by clicking on the year. 

This past year was filled with growth and real good lessons. 


Sonna Gregory


Lila Holley


Debra Bunkley


First Lady West


Lorie Fanning


Ryan M. Odom

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The 6 things I learned from 6 people in 2017

2018 winning or learning Nov 10, 2018

I keep learning and growing with the help of amazing people who cross my path. I love the fact that I retired from the greatest Army on the planet because now I find that I am becoming more of myself. 

Review the articles of the six people I learned from in 2015 and 2016

I remain unapologetic about my thoughts on learning and winning. I do not believe we lose, I believe we simply learn from our experiences.  In the year 2017, I learned a lot about myself and others. 

Lynn Horton


Lynn reinforced what I had already known; people are more alike than different. We met in the dental clinic waiting room and talked as if we had known one other for years.  As a result of meeting Lynn, I was invited to serve as the Memorial Day Speaker for the City of Senoia, GA.  I'm grateful to have met such a wonderful person. 

Rachel Maddow

American television host and political commentator. Most nights I watch The Rachel Maddow Show to get caught up on the...

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The formula for a good life is T-R-G; Time, Relationships and Gratitude.

2017 winning or learning Apr 04, 2017

I remember being excited to leave my childhood home after high school graduation and finish college degree. I was eager to move forward in life without truly understanding what I now know is absolutely true; it is better to live my life for a great eulogy and not necessarily for a great resume.  

Being born in the late 60’s, graduating from high school and college in the 80’s.  We were inundated with 24 hour news, talk shows, marketing blitz, social media, plastic skinny celebrities.  We watched tv shows like “Dallas” and “The Cosby Show”, we said things like, “Where’s the Beef?” and “I’ll be back” like Arnold Schwarzenegger. In our 20ies and 30ies, we lived our lives for a resume….attempting to gain, power, prestige and position, the things we could get, the places we could go.  With the luxury of experience my perspective has broadened to focus on living my life for a great...

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The 6 things I learned from 6 people in 2016

2017 winning or learning Jan 30, 2017

I take pride in being a lifelong learner. Six people taught me six significant lessons during 2016. My mindset is unapologetic; I believe we are either winning or learning.  I simply do not believe in losing. If I were to subscribe to the mentality where you are either winning or losing, I believe we decrease the opportunity to grow. Besides, isn't that what this life experience is all about?  Getting to the next hurdle, moving forward, discerning whether something is a molehill or a mountain.  

As I did last year, I reflected on the previous year and noticed who I learned the most profound lessons from based on how their actions changed my perspective or motivated me to move forward.  That article is appropriately titled, "The 6 things I learned from 6 people in 2015".

I retired from the greatest Army on the planet in August 2015, published my first book in 2016, became a certified Life Coach in early 2017, and finally learned how to be present in the...

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7 Life Skills Everyone Should Master

2016 winning or learning Jul 20, 2016


“Success is to live life openly, authentically, and lovingly in a way that is aligned with the highest good of self and others.” Joyce Marter

However we define success, we intuitively know that any level of success comes from action which comes directly from a set of specific skills.  The term,  Life Skills is defined in the oxford online dictionary as a skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life. I am utterly amazed at how many skills I have to teach my son.  I mistakenly thought he would just wake up and have all of the tools he needed to be successful in life. (Joking)

 I grew up in a financially poor yet loving, supportive home environment, served honorably in the US Army for over 26 years, retired in the military rank of colonel and earned two Masters Degrees and still I lack some life skills.  After achieving a measure of success in...

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The 6 things I learned from 6 people in 2015

The longer I live the more I seek to learn.  

I am consistently looking for the lesson of the day.  I am intentional about being of service to others routinely.  I often find myself observing how people act when they do not get their way.  I have concluded that this is when we are most authentic.  I gravitate to people who consistently provide a valuable service to others, while demonstrating great skill at their chosen profession or life’s work.

My siblings and I are fortunate to have had Hattie Mae as our mother, mentor, fan, critic and nurturer. She taught each of us different lessons.  She taught me to always to do my best. She would often say, Angela if you sweep the floor, then I expect that it is the best swept floor ever.  She valued formal education as well as proven life skills. 

In 2015, I found myself on my knees (so to speak) more often then anytime in my life. I experienced personal loss and health setbacks as the year...

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