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Angela M. Odom

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The 6 things I learned from 6 people in 2015

The longer I live the more I seek to learn.  

I am consistently looking for the lesson of the day.  I am intentional about being of service to others routinely.  I often find myself observing how people act when they do not get their way.  I have concluded that this is when we are most authentic.  I gravitate to people who consistently provide a valuable service to others, while demonstrating great skill at their chosen profession or life’s work.

My siblings and I are fortunate to have had Hattie Mae as our mother, mentor, fan, critic and nurturer. She taught each of us different lessons.  She taught me to always to do my best. She would often say, Angela if you sweep the floor, then I expect that it is the best swept floor ever.  She valued formal education as well as proven life skills. 

In 2015, I found myself on my knees (so to speak) more often then anytime in my life. I experienced personal loss and health setbacks as the year...

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