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It's a great time to write solid book review of the Bronco Strong Book

2016 bronco strong book Nov 13, 2016

The Bronco Strong Book was released on Veterans Day 2016.  Hoo-hah!

It's time to write a solid book reviews

The response from readers of the book, “Bronco Strong: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion is overwhelmingly positive.  The author shares the nuances of her support troops engaged in their routine daily duties while serving an extended 15 month combat tour to Iraq.  There is not another book about military human resources soldiers serving on the battlefield.  If it is, I am certainly not aware.  The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other places books are sold.  After reading the Bronco Strong book, the next step is to write a solid book review on,, and on the Bronco Strong Book Facebook Page.  

I took the liberty of curating a way to write a solid book review.  I listed some things for you to take into consideration as you prepare to write you book review of the Bronco Strong book.

Before reading the book (or afterwards)

Look at the book

Book cover. Is it visually appealing and professionally designed?  Flip it on the back and its look at the spine. Does the word, font, colors resonate with you? Does the cover illustration adequately convey what the book will be about? Did you read the blurb on the back of the book? Are you in the book’s target audience?

Open the Bronco Strong book. As you flip through the pages, notice how the words are arranged on the pages.  Move to the table of content, then to the size of the paragraphs and the layout of the book. This is an indication of how the book is structured.

You may want to develop a way to take notes; a framework or methodology. Most people can appreciate having a particular process for accomplishing a task. Initially, you can look at the number of chapters, then look at the number of chapters and their titles.  Prepare a list of questions you want answered as you become engrossed in the pages of the Bronco Strong book: “What makes this book different from other war stories?” or “Is this a story about leadership, women in the military, or U. S. Army personnel support troops?” or “Did the story honor the task force members as was stated in Chapter 1?

Read the book

As you read the Bronco Strong book, I suggest you eliminate distractions.  Get yourself in a quiet spot. You may elect to have your favorite beverage; coffee, tea, or water. The word on the street is that once you start reading, you will not be able to put it down until you finish. Pay attention to your overall reading experience.  Notice what caught your attention or notice if you were bored.  What chapters evoked the most emotion? What type of emotion did you notice? Could you imagine yourself in the scenes?  What descriptive language or words allowed you to visualize the action? What are the quotable phrases or words?

Consider the effects as you read and take notes that will empower you to explain the impact or results. This is the time to go back through the Bronco Strong book and intentionally write solid notes. Your notes may cover the main points of each chapter or whichever chapter you choose to focus. Include how reading the Bronco Strong book effected or impacted you as a reader.  Notice what kept your attention as you made your way through the Bronco Strong book from the beginning to the end.

  • Explain how you feel after reading the Bronco Strong book.
  • Explain how the author achieved the effects she did.
  • Explain the relationship between form and content.
  • Explain the characters' relationships to one another.

At this point, you want to begin to wrap it up in a nice little bow.  What is the ‘So What?’ about reading the Bronco Strong book? Would you recommend others read this book?  Use your notes to provide specific examples. 

Put the Bronco Strong book in context.  This is the author’s debut book.  You, if you have a little time, could do a little research and take the time to relate this book to others in the nonfiction, military history categories.

Before you submit your review of the Bronco Strong book, I recommend you do a quick spell check in a word document or something similar. Read it aloud. Now, when you are ready, copy and paste your solid review on Amazon, Goodreads, and the Bronco Strong Book Facebook page.

P.S. Learn more information about the frequently asked questions about the book at

P.S. S. The Bronco Strong book makes a great gift.



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