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Angela M. Odom

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Today is National Author's Day

2020 author Nov 01, 2020
On November 1, National Author’s Day, I'm take a few minutes to show appreciation to other authors who spent countless hours writing some of my favorite books. 
I prefer nonfiction books and fictional characters in movies.  I love inspirational reads focused productivity tips and techniques.  I also really enjoy fast moving action dramas. 
As a leadership coach, I have a preference for topics that will help build personal development skills for women who lead. Read this article for a listing of the books in my reading list HERE
Visit  to purchase signed copies of Bronco Strong: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion and Camouflaged Sisters: Leadership Through the Eyes of Senior Military Women Leaders
If you're considering writing, publishing, or promoting your first or tenth book, I say DO IT and DO IT SCARED and DO IT NOW!
That's how I wrote my first book; uncertain. I didn't really know what to expect. I simply took one step at a time and continued to ask for help as I made progress.
The best investment I made was that of an editor. 
Both books make great stocking stuffers ahead of the holiday season,. They make great gifts for the veterans in your life ahead of Veterans Day next week, as well as leadership discussions anytime of the year.
Angela M. Odom

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