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Angela M. Odom

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6 Things You Can Do to Avoid My Book Marketing Mistakes

2019 books personal growth Feb 26, 2019

Writing your special story yet? Wanna know how to avoid some of the marketing mistakes I made after I finished writing the Bronco Strong story?

After retiring from the greatest Army on the planet I wrote my first memoir, 'Bronco Strong, A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion.


It took me a few years to set up systems, strategies, and support for my personal development training company, "The Better U Project for Women Leaders".  


A few years after self-publishing my first book, I think it's prudent to share six of my initial mistakes when it was time to market the Bronco Strong story.  Listen to the video recording HERE

Mistake #1 to Avoid: Don’t Assume Your Family and Friends Want to Purchase and Read Your Book

Mistake #2 to Avoid: Don’t Assume People Who Purchase Your Book Know How to Write a Proper Testimonial or Which Platform to Write a Proper Testimonial On

Learn more about how to write and submit a proper testimonial HERE

Mistake #3 to Avoid: Your Platform Matters

Learn about the all in one platform I use to host my website, blog, and to send emails HERE

Mistake #4 to Avoid: Don’t Be Too Shy 

Mistake #5 to Avoid: Have a Long Term Plan

Mistake #6 to Avoid: Don’t Do It Alone

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