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Angela M. Odom

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10 Things to Consider When Showing Up For a Booked Event


As I pack my car for this weekend's Featured Author event, I wondered if I had considered everything that could make this a successful and worthwhile trip. 

Booking a conference or meeting venue can create a bit of anxiety, especially the first time. In anticipation of being asked to present at hundreds of potential conference venues over the next few years, I put together 10 Things to Consider When Showing Up for a Booked Event.

The list of things to take into consideration are not in order of priority nor is this an exhaustive list of every single concept or relevant topic.  

1. Why were you invited?

Focus on bringing value for the reason you were invited to participate. In order words stay in your lane. Ensure you are familiar with the overall mission and objective of the event. Determine where you fit and then show up and show out

2. Before, During, and After Tasks

Take some time to document relevant tasks that you must accomplish in three different phases: Before the event occurs, During the event, and After the event ends.

3. Timeliness

Show up early. If you show up on time, then you are late.  When the event organizer request documents or information, provide them in the format and timeline requested. 

4. Your Platform

Google Yourself and Your Brand. Review and update your social media sites because that's exactly what the attendees and organizers of the event will do. Because you don't really know the reach of the marketing materials or the word of mouth of the participants, you should ensure your social media sites represent you very well. 

5. Electronic Press Kit

The first step is to put together a professional, complete press kit, now-a-days called an EPK. People will most likely not take extra steps to find information, it should be easy to use, and easy to send. A webpage on your website, which allows you to simply send a link to convey the information is the easiest to put together.  Or make a word document with everything in it.

Include the following as a minimum: 

  • A well written bio
  • Photos 
    • Include at least two, be sure they are hi-res and downloadable.  Your face should be clearly seen, and expresses your personality and music, and is of good quality.  Color is best.
  • Audio/Video
    • Links (Be sure the quality of the recording puts your music in a good light!)
  • Press Clippings/Quotes
  • One Sheet
    • This should be like a mini EPK that has a photo, quotes, blurb about you or your band.
  • Press Release(s)
  • Postcards & Promotional items 
    • Stickers, posters, etc. 

6. Establish Open Communication with the Event Representative.

You’re building your reputation with the entire organization

7. Nail Down Your Elevator Pitch.

If you’re starting a business, or even thinking about starting one, one of the first things you’ll need to do is nail down is your elevator pitch. This is a two-three minute summary of your business (or business idea) that tells your audience what problem you’re going to solve. You’ll want to distill your concept down to just two to three sentences that are easy for anyone—be it a customer, a potential employee, or an investor—to understand. A great elevator pitch will make them understand the value of and need for your business instantly.

Be prepared to answer the questions

a. Who you are?

b. What do you do?

c. What value do you bring?

d. Who do you serve?

8. Attire

Be sure to wear the appropriate clothes for the event.

9. You’re On An Interview for Your Next Gig.

Conduct Yourself in a Manner in Which They will Invite You Back

10. Be Kind and Bring Value

Every time you contact someone new to book you or your band, you are developing a new RELATIONSHIP; they may say no now, but it can always turn into a yes somewhere down the road.  Anyone you meet now may be someone you work with in the future (it’s happened to me many times!).  

Always conduct yourself in a professional manner:  be on time, courteous, respectful, prepared, and just be nice! 

I'm rooting for you,


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