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Angela M. Odom

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Delta Author Don't Rush Challenge

2020 authors Apr 10, 2020

Watch these authors slay the social media "Don't Rush" challenge. Each of the ladies are members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 


What is the Don't Rush Challenge?

According to, on March 22, Toluwalase Asolo, a 20-year-old business management student at the University of Hull, tweeted a clip with the caption, “The boredom jumped out.” To the song of “Don’t Rush” by U.K. rap duo Young T and Bugsey, she and her seven girlfriends changed looks seamlessly while passing around a makeup brush used as a metaphorical baton. This one minute and 26-second video would go on to amass 2 million views and become the popular #DontRushChallenge

“We understand that in a period like this with nothing to do, a lot of people may slip into depression due to high levels of inactivity and idleness,” Toluwalase tells Teen Vogue. “So we decided to highlight the togetherness in isolation.” The ladies, who have Congolese, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean and Turks and Caicos Islander origins, planned the video sequence of handing off the makeup brush and collected their respective footage for the challenge via WhatsApp. They are in their respective dorm rooms while self-distancing during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Delta Authors

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is a historically Black Greek-lettered sorority. The organization was founded by college-educated women dedicated to public service with an emphasis on programs that target the African American community. 

Members of the sorority are multi-talented ladies. Some of authors. 

How were these ladies selected to participate in this version of Delta Authors #DontRushChallenge?

 During this current COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) where the entire world is practicing social distancing, Angela M. Odom sent an email and a few text messages.

Some are members of the same chapter; East Point/College Park Alumnae Chapter and some participated in one of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. National Arts and Letters Commission's DELTA AUTHORS ON TOUR with Angela.

FEATURED AUTHORS during the Jacksonville and Bahamas State Cluster




Within a few days they sent their recorded video, Angela uploaded them and put together a one minute and thirty nine second video. 

What about the music?

I decided to use upbeat instrumentals. Nuff Said.

Authors listed below in the order they appear in the 1:39 minute video clip:

Author: Angela M. Odom, Colonel, Retired, US Army

Book Title #1 BRONCO STRONG: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion

Book Title #2 Camouflaged Sisters: Leadership Through the Eyes of Senior Military Women Leaders (Contributing Author)

Books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Walmart online, iTunes and


Author: Marcia Gibbs Credle

Book Title #1 60 Days of Inspiration, Encouragement and Empowerment for Women: I Am My Sister's Keeper

Book Title #2 The Battle Is Not Yours: It's Ours (60 Days of Inspiration, Encouragement and Empowerment for Women) (Volume 2)

Books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Author: Dr. Erika Gibson

Book Title: Preparing Girls for War: Physical, Mental and Spiritual


Book is available on Amazon


 Author: Dr. Saunya Williams

Book Title: I Choose to L.I.V.E.

Book is available on 3G Publishing, Inc., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes



Author: Erika Lee

Book Title: Catfish In The Sky!

Book is available on


 Author: Dr. Sharon Cannon

Book Title: Women of the Bible; the good, the bad & ugly – then and now

Book is available on Amazon


 Author: Dr. Chantrise Holliman

Book #1 is titled, "The Teach Stay Love Journal: A Reflective Journal to Help You Stay in the Profession You Love" was published in February 22, 2019

Book #2 is titled, "Speaking My Truth: the Blog Years: My Quirky, Sometimes MisMatched, Often Off-Color Thoughts on Education and Other Stuff" was published in July 3, 2019

Book #3 is titled, "Shoes Without Feet: A Journey of Strength, Hope, Obstacles, Encouragement & Success " was published in September 27, 2019

Book #4, an anthology is titled, "The Gyrlfriend Code Women's Empowerment Breakthrough Edition" was published in January 14, 2020

Book #5 is titled, "Noah Had An Ark. You Need a Raft: Resiliency and Flexible Thinking. How Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life"

Her upcoming Book #6 is the sequel to "Shoes Without Feet: A Journey of Strength, Hope, Obstacles, Encouragement & Success " and is titled "You Don't Need Feet to Step Out on Faith"

Books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Walmart online, iTunes and


Author: Dorothy E. Arnold, PhD

Book Title: Tootsie's Chick, Life Without A Mother: Surviving A System Called Family

Email: [email protected]


Author: Dr. Kathi A. Earles, M.D.

Book Title: Scale Back! Why Childhood Obesity is Not Just About Weight Paperback


 Author: Raeven Goodman

Book Title: Damaged in Disguise book by Raeven Goodman

 We encourage you to support each of these talented authors by sharing this post and purchasing their books for yourself and as gifts for others.  

 I'm rooting for you!




Angela M. Odom is a leadership coach and an author of BRONCO STRONG: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion and a contributor to Camouflaged Sisters: Leadership Through The Eyes of Senior Military Women Leaders

ONLINE: ANGELA M. ODOM I Instagram I Facebook I LinkedIn I Twitter I You Tube



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