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Angela M. Odom

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EP02: Check Your Circle

Leaders, check your circle.
Are you surrounded by people who affirm you and hold you accountable?
If not, widened your circle, search for a different community, and begin to reach your goals in peace.
Don't have a supportive, accountable community?
Build One.
Let's focus on becoming aware of the influence of the people you interact with the most. 
My question to you is "Does your circle affirm you and hold you accountable?" My message is check your circle
Last week I attended a 3-Day virtual event titled, "Manifest Your Vision" hosted by Rosetta Thurman. Each day we focused on a different theme:
Day 1: Ignite your purpose and create your vision
Day 2: Breakthrough Your Barriers
Day 3: Take Aligned Actions
One of the things that came out of Day 1 was my Personal Mission Statement: Show Up for me First, Then Serve Others From the Overflow.
What's your personal mission statement? 
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You are the CEO of Your Life

2020 better u tv Dec 29, 2020

Run your life similar to a successful Chief Executive Officer of a profitable corporation.

You are your very own Chief Executive Officer (CEO)!

How's it going? 

You have survived 100% of the good, the bad and the ugly things that have occurred in your life. You are exactly where you are in life because of your conscious and unconscious habits, choices, and relationships.

I'm often encouraged by the concept of living for the DASH. When we go to a cemetery and notice the markings on various grave stones. It indicates the date the person was born. Then there is a straight line followed by the date they died. The straight line or the dash indicate the amount of time they lived. 

Let's decide to live for the dash while being conscious of the end date without really dwelling on it. 

Each of us are born with a set of circumstances that may serve as a weight holding us back from achieving our goals and dreams. Most of us are also born with with set of circumstances that...

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