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Angela M. Odom

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You Ready to Detox from Sugar for 14 Days?


We're doing a 14 day sugar detox. We begin on Tuesday, January 1, 2019!

Sugar adds mouth smacking favors to our food and drink that it has become almost unthinkable to go without added sugar.  Spoiler alert: We can still enjoy our food and drink without piling on addictive sugars.

Why Do a Sugar Detox?

It's time for a reset. If the national statistics are correct, on average we are eating and drinking about 150 pounds of sugar a year. We tend to eat mindlessly and hurriedly as we rush through our busy lives. The food industry offers larger portion sizes filled with more sugar and salt then a few decades ago. The sugar is added to improve the overall taste of the food and the salt is added to ensure the food last during transport from the fields and factories to the grocery stores and restaurants.

Most sugary foods are a poor source of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for a healthy metabolism and normal body function. During a sugar detox plan, you will introduce foods that truly nourish your body and help you use 100% of your energy efficiently without sugar crashes.

Additionally, another added benefit of doing a sugar detox is weight loss. If you’ve been holding onto some extra pounds for a while now, cutting sugar may be one of the most effective ways to achieve fat loss – not only temporarily, but with long lasting effects.

Why, you ask? Sugar stimulates your fat storing hormones. Each time you eat foods high in sugar, your insulin levels spike, which then leads to your body storing more fat in your tissues. If you are looking to lose weight, you should be aware that it’s not only a calories in/calories out game. Hormones play an important role as well – they are the regulators of your metabolism.

How Does It Work?

It's a virtual online challenge where all participants receive a daily email for 14 days. On Days 2, 8, and 14 of the sugar detox, we'll gather on the online video chat platform, "Zoom" to check-in with like-minded grown women.

What You Can Eat

I believe grown women know what to eat to make themselves healthy and whole. Initially focus on what you are drinking. Become aware of the sodas and fruit drinks that aren’t 100 percent juice. Pay attention to the desserts, processed foods, candy and condiments you mindlessly eat. Check food labels carefully.

You want to avoid anything containing white or brown sugar, raw sugar, fructose, maltose, sorbitol, evaporated cane juice, xylitol and barley malt. Although there are several books and sugar detox programs on the market. 

You don't have to detox from sugar on your own.

Try to eat three to four ounces of lean protein with every meal. This will help to stabilize your blood sugar and prevent cravings. In my research, I found that as a society we are often overfed and undernourished.  


Our goal during this 14 Day Sugar Detox is for you to create awareness of how much sugar you ingest daily. 

The benefits of a longer term Sugar Cleanse are numerous.

For starters,

  • You’ll lose weight.
  • You’ll have more energy and focus, feel less moody, achy and spaced out,
  • You’ll sleep better.
  • Your LDL or bad cholesterol may go down
  • You’ll look less puffy.

Additionally, if you suffer from any kind of skin condition such as acne, psoriasis, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, your symptoms may either disappear completely or be greatly reduced. 

Side Effects

Eliminating sugar from your diet, especially if you’ve been eating a lot of it, is hard at first. You might feel tired, almost like you’re fighting the flu, and experience headaches. These symptoms should pass after the first couple of days as your body adjusts to your new regime. If, however, you feel shaky, it could be a sign of insulin resistance or hypoglycemia, so make sure to eat enough protein and stick to low glycemic foods, which includes most fruits and vegetables. Make sure you check with your doctor before changing your diet drastically. 

During this 14 Day Sugar Detox you'll get

  • Three separate virtual check in sessions with a Personal Development Coach via the online video chat platform zoom
  • A daily, email nudging you to keep it together during this 14 day period
  • Access to the Better U online Community for Grown Women

My name is Angela M. Odom . I'm a certified personal development coach and I'll hold you accountable throughout the 14 days.

I invite you to Join Us NOW

If you have any friends or family members who struggle with sugar, please share this post with them. Perhaps they will do the detox with you and you can support each other! 

I'm rooting for you

 Added sugars (like sucrose and high fructose corn syrup) contain a whole bunch of calories with NO essential nutrients. For this reason, they are called "empty" calories. There are no proteins, essential fats, vitamins or minerals in sugar... just pure energy

During the 14 Day Sugar Detox you'll have the opportunity to become aware of how much hidden sugar you may be adding to your food and drink. 

As with any type of diet, always check with your health care provider first before starting the Sugar Cleanse.  It's online and on the honor system. 


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