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Gratitude and Focus

"The difference in the life you have and the life you yearn to have is gratitude and focus" Angela M. Odom


Be grateful for the big as well as the bold.


All days are great days, even though dot, dot, dot and even if dot, dot, dot and even when dot, dot, dot. 

Know the difference between your reputation and your character.


Your reputation allows others to see or they happen to see. However, your character is who you really are in a moral, spiritual, literal sense. It's how you show up to your children and your closest family members, friends, enemies and competitors. It's how you show up when you feel disrespected, ignored, and unappreciated as well respected, cherished, and appreciated. 

Character is what matters most. 

Focus on that which you purport to want, need, and desire.

Where you focus your time, energy and resources is the direction of your life and ultimately the measure of who you are at your core.

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