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Angela M. Odom

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10 Productivity Tips Successful Women Use To Create Less Busy Routines


Are you a woman who is passionate about her job but has too many things to do with too little time to do them?

Do you secretly wish that a day would have more than 24 hours in it, just so you can have more time to get things done?

Well you are not alone!

Getting yourself organized to become more productive can be very challenging.
The Labor Department has also reported a drop in the average annual productivity growth in the last five years.

Productivity is a skill that successful women develop over time. Once you have mastered it, you become more effective rather than efficient

So, what can you do to make yourself more productive?

Here are the top 10 productivity tips successful women use to create a less busy routine and how you can do the same too.

Tip #1 Focus on doing one thing at a time

The idea of being good at multi-tasking sounds great but in the long run it is actually counter-productive.

Instead of switching between tasks from minute to minute, try dedicating a 20 –...

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Announcement: Virtual Power Hour


Are You An Emerging Woman Leader Who is Struggling to Stay Focused, Complete Tasks, and Get Stuff Off of Your TO DO List? 

Are You Always Taking Care Of Everybody Else While Putting Your Things To The Side? 

Are You Always Busy?

Do You Feel Overwhelmed All of the Time?

We Used To 


We don’t use complicated systems.

No fancy equipment.

No outdated software required.

The secret is blocking off time on your calendar to focus on one task at a time.

You're more likely to succeed when you establish accountability and support systems.

The Virtual Power Hour is a simple concept to complete your tasks.

It will:

Help you develop a habit of completing one task at a time.

Allow you to free your mind of cluttered thoughts and unfinished projects. 

Plus, you'll finish tasks that are important to you.

That's likely to bring you peace.


Show up for six consecutive days to check in with your online accountability partner and...

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