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Angela M. Odom

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

2018 holidays thanksgiving Nov 20, 2018

Gratitude is my watchword during this season of Thanksgiving.  I'm grateful for the laugh out loud experiences as well as the over the top scary ones we've endured over the past few months.  It seems that we are being set up for something marvelous in the near future and for that I'm grateful!  


I'm grateful that my back, butt, gut, and mind are all stronger than they were this time last year. I'm grateful for an active life, working limbs, and just enough excitement during this Thanksgiving season.  I'm learning to take it all in and clear my calendar from the many itty bitty activities to the experiences that give me life. 

I'm grateful that my favorite teenager is finding his footing. I love him from my soul even though he's as hard headed as a box of rocks. I count among my gazillion blessings that of being Ryan's mom as the tip top of the top top! #winning

I grateful for the opportunities that are presenting themselves to us.  


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